Rachael standing on a wooden sign that says back to the wild on top of a snowy mountain

VLOG ENTRY 14: An update from a little ski weekend in Meribel in France that I managed to squeeze in 3 weeks after finishing my 18th cycle of chemo and a couple of days before my lymph node surgery. Just to show anyone who likes to get away that you can if you want to! I’m sure the majority of chemo patients would rather take another thousand needles than go skiing immediately after but if you’re snow obsessed like me this demonstrates it’s possible!  I did everything possible to avoid getting an infection in the 3 weeks after my last chemo as any illness would have meant having to cancel.  I even coped with the embarrassment of wearing a medical face mask to avoid germs on the flight! I thought I’d have to take it much easier than normal having done minimal exercise over the last year but it turns out muscle memory is a wonderful thing and I managed 3 full days of pretty full on skiing without getting too exhausted. I returned refreshed by the mountain air and ready for surgery two days later. (See VLOG ENTRY 15!)


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